Articles that use these vectors:

Here are some of the published articles that use the viral vector system. If you notice any article missing, please contact me (here) and send me the pdf so I can add it to this list. I also included the vectors that were used in each article. The list of vector is currently incomplete for some articles.


Bazarov AV, Jae Lee W, Bazarov I, Bosire M, Hines WC, Stankovich B, Chicas A, Lowe SW, Yaswen P. (2012). The specific role of pRb in p16(INK4A)-mediated arrest of normal and malignant human breast cells. Cell Cycle. 2012 Mar 1;11(5).
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Neo (685-3, Addgene #17292).

Bobadilla S, Sunseri N, Landau NR. (2012). Efficient transduction of myeloid cells by an HIV-1-derived lentiviral vector that packages the Vpx accessory protein. Gene Ther. doi: 10.1038/gt.2012.61 [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV GFP Puro (658-5, Addgene #17448).

Cheng CK, Gustafson WC, Charron E, Houseman BT, Zunder E, Goga A, Gray NS, Pollok B, Oakes SA, James CD, Shokat KM, Weiss WA, Fan QW. (2012). Dual blockade of lipid and cyclin-dependent kinases induces synthetic lethality in malignant glioma. PNAS 109 (31) 12722-12727 [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Freund A, Laberge RM, Demaria M, Campisi J. (2012). Lamin B1 loss is a senescence-associated biomarker. Mol Biol Cell [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Guo D, Standley C, Bellve K, Fogarty K, Bao ZZ. (2012). Protein kinase Calpha and integrin-linked kinase mediate the negative axon guidance effects of Sonic hedgehog. Mol. Cell. Neurosc. [PubMed]
Vector used: pENTR1A-GFP-N2 (FR1, Addgene #19364).

Ishigaki S, Masuda A, Fujioka Y, Iguchi Y, Katsuno M, Shibata A, Urano F, Sobue G, Ohno K. (2012). Position-dependent FUS-RNA interactions regulate alternative splicing events and transcriptions. Sci Rep.2:529 [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti X2 Puro DEST (w16-1, Addgene #17296).

Jiao B, Ma H, Shokhirev MN, Drung A, Yang Q, Shin J, Lu S, Byron M, Kalantry S, Mercurio AM, Lawrence JB, Hoffmann A, Bach I. (2012). Paternal RLIM/Rnf12 Is a Survival Factor for Milk-Producing Alveolar Cells. Cell 149(3):630-41. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Karkhanis V, Wang L, Tae S, Hu YJ, Imbalzano AN, Sif S. (2012). Protein arginine methyltransferase 7 regulates cellular response to DNA Damage by Methylating promoter histones H2A and H4 of the polymerase delta catalytic subunit gene, POLD1. J Biol Chem [PubMed].
Vectors used: pENTR/pTER+ (430-1, Addgene #17453), pLenti X2 Puro DEST (w16-1, Addgene #17296).

Lafontaine J, Rodier F, Ouellet V, Mes-Masson A-M. (2012). Necdin, a p53-Target Gene, Is an Inhibitor of p53-Mediated Growth Arrest. PLoS ONE 7(2): e31916. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293), pENTR4 no ccDB (686-1, Addgene #17424).

Lafontaine J, Rodier F, Tchakarska G, Mes-Masson AM. (2012). Necdin modulates proliferative cell survival of human cells in response to genotoxic stress. BMC Cancer. 12(1):234. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pLenti CMV/TO Neo (685-3, Addgene #17292), pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293), pENTR4 no ccDB (686-1, Addgene #17424),pLenti CMV TetR Blast (716-1, Addgene #17492).

Oslowski CM, Hara T, O'Sullivan-Murphy B, Kanekura K, Lu S, Hara M, Ishigaki S, Zhu LJ, Hayashi E, Hui ST, Greiner D, Kaufman RJ, Bortell R, Urano F. (2012). Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein Mediates ER Stress-Induced β Cell Death through Initiation of the Inflammasome. Cell Metab.16(2):265-73. [PubMed]

Pan D, Mao C, Zou T, Yao AY, Cooper MP, Boyartchuk V, Wang YX. (2012). The histone demethylase jhdm1a regulates hepatic gluconeogenesis. PLoS Genet. 8(6):e1002761. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pENTR1A no ccDB (w48-1, Addgene #17398), pLenti CMV Neo DEST (705-1, Addgene #17392).

Rubinstein JD, Elagib KE, Goldfarb AN. (2012). Cyclic AMP signaling inhibits megakaryocytic differentiation by targeting a transcription factor 3 (E2A)- cyclic dependent kinase inhibitor 1A (CDKN1A) transcriptional axis. J Biol Chem [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Schwertman P, Lagarou A, Dekkers DH, Raams A, van der Hoek AC, Laffeber C, Hoeijmakers JH, Demmers JA, Fousteri M, Vermeulen W, Marteijn JA. (2012). UV-sensitive syndrome protein UVSSA recruits USP7 to regulate transcription-coupled repair. Nat Genet.ng2330 [PubMed]
Vectors used: pENTR1A-GFP-N2 (FR1, Addgene #19364),pENTR1A-GFP-C1 (w392-1, Addgene #17396), pENTR4 no ccDB (686-1, Addgene #17424), pLenti CMV Hygro DEST (w117-1, Addgene #17454).

Simpson CD, Hurren R, Kasimer D, Maclean N, Eberhard Y, Ketela T, Moffat J, Schimmer AD. (2012). A genome wide shRNA screen identifies alpha/beta hydrolase domain containing 4 (ABHD4) as a novel regulator of anoikis resistance. Apoptosis. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti PGK Neo DEST (w531-1, Addgene #19067).

Singh A, Sweeney MF, Yu M, Burger A, Greninger P, Benes C, Haber DA, Settleman J. (2012). TAK1 inhibition promotes apoptosis in KRAS-dependent colon cancers. Cell 148(4):639-50. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti PGK Hygro DEST (w530-1, Addgene #19066).

White RE, Rämer PC, Naresh KN, Meixlsperger S, Pinaud L, Rooney C, Savoldo B, Coutinho R, Bödör C, Gribben J, Ibrahim HA, Bower M, Nourse JP, Gandhi MK, Middeldorp J, Cader FZ, Murray P, Münz C, Allday MJ. (2012). EBNA3-deficient EBV promotes B cell lymphomagenesis in humanized mice and is found in human tumors. J Clin Invest. pii: 58092. doi: 10.1172/JCI58092 [PubMed]
Vector used: pENTR1A noccDB (w48-1, Addgene #17398), pLenti CMV Puro DEST (w118-1, Addgene #17452).

Zhang H, Peng C, Hu Y, Li H, Sheng Z, Chen Y, Sullivan C, Cerny J, Hutchinson L, Higgins A, Miron P, Zhang X, Brehm MA, Li D, Green MR, Li S. (2012). The Blk pathway functions as a tumor suppressor in chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells. Nat Genet. doi: 10.1038/ng.2350 [PubMed]



Birket MJ, Orr AL, Gerencser AA, Madden DT, Vitelli C, Swistowski A, Brand MD, Zeng X. (2011). A reduction in ATP demand and mitochondrial activity with neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. J Cell Sci. 124(3):348-358. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pLenti CMV/TO Neo DEST (685-3, Addgene #17292), pLenti X2 Puro DEST (w16-1, Addgene #17296), pLenti X2 Puro/pTER shLUC (w589-1, Addgene #21472).

Coppé JP, Rodier F, Patil CK, Freund A, Desprez PY, Campisi J. (2011). The tumor supressor and aging biomarker p16INK4a induces cellular senescence without the associated inflammatory secretory phenotype. J Biol Chem. 2011 Aug 31.[PubMed]

Deuse T, Seifert M, Phillips N, Fire A, Tyan D, Kay M, Tsao PS, Hua X, Velden J, Eiermann T, Volk HD, Reichenspurner H, Robbins RC, Schrepfer S. Immunobiology of naive and genetically modified HLA-class-I-knockdown human embryonic stem cells. J Cell Sci. 2011 Sep 1;124(Pt 17):3029-37. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO V5-LUC Puro (w549-1, Addgene #19785).

Freund A, Patil CK, Campisi J (2011). p38MAPK is a novel DNA damage response-independent regulator of the senescence-associated secretory phenotype. EMBO J. 30(8):1536-48 [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Kim TD, Shin S, Berry WL, Oh S, Janknecht R (2011). The JMJD2A demethylase regulates apoptosis and proliferation in colon cancer cells. J Cell Biochem. Epub 2011 Dec 1. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMVtight Puro DEST (w768-1, Addgene #26430), pLenti CMV rtTA3 Blast (w756-1, Addgene #26429).

Lake RJ, Basheer A, Fan HY (2011). Reciprocally regulated chromatin association of Cockayne Syndrome Protein B and p53 protein. J Biol Chem. 7;286(40):34951-8. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti PGK Neo DEST (w531-1, Addgene #19067).

Leblanc E, Trensz F, Haroun S, Drouin G, Bergeron E, Penton CM, Montanaro F, Roux S, Faucheux N, Grenier G. (2011). BMP9-Induced muscle heterotopic ossification requires changes to the skeletal muscle microenvironment. J Bone Miner Res. 26(6):1166-77[PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO eGFP Puro (w159-1, Addgene #17481).

Mohapatra S, Kawahara M, Khan IS, Yannone SM, Povirk LF. (2011). Restoration of the G1 chemo/radioresistance and double-strand break repair proficiency by wild-type but not endonuclease-deficient Artemis. Nucleic Acids Res. 39(15):6500-10. [Pubmed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Hygro DEST (693-2. Addgene #17291).

Peter CJ, Evans M, Thayanithy V, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N, Bach I, Kolpak A, Bassell GJ, Rossoll W, Lorson CL, Bao ZZ, Androphy EJ. (2011). The COPI vesicle complex binds and moves with Survival Motor Neuron within axons. Hum Mol Genet. 20(9):1701-11. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV TetR Blast (716-1, Addgene #17492).

Rodier F, Munoz DP, Teachenor R, Chu V, Le O, Bhaumik D, Coppé JP, Campeau E, Beauséjour CM, Kim SH, Davalos AR, Campisi J. (2011) . J. Cell Sci. 124:68-81. [Pubmed]
Vectors used: pENTR-GFP-MDC1 (770-7, Addgene #26284), pLenti CMV/TO DEST (775-1, Addgene #17432), pLenti CMV/TO GFP-MDC1 (779-2, Addgene #26285).

Wang J, Geesman GJ, Hostikka SL, Atallah M, Blackwell B, Lee E, Cook PJ, Pasaniuc B, Shariat G, Halperin E, Dobke M, Rosenfeld MG, Jordan IK, Lunyak VV. (2011) Inhibition of activated pericentromeric SINE/Alu repeat transcription in senescent human adult stem cells reinstates self-renewal. Cell Cycle. 10(17):3016-30. [Pubmed]
Vector used: pENTR/pTER+ (430-1, Addgene #17453).


Banerjee D, Mandal SM, Das A, Hegde ML, Das S, Bhakat KK, Boldogh I, Sarkar PS, Mitra S, Hazra TK. (2010). Preferential repair of oxidized base damage in the transcribed genes of mammalian cells. J Biol Chem. 286(8):6006-16 [PubMed]
Vectors used: pENTR/pTER+ (430-1, Addgene #17453),pLenti X2 Puro DEST (w16-1, Addgene #17296).

Barrès V, Ouellet V, Lafontaine J, Tonin PN, Provencher DM, Mes-Masson AM. (2010). An essential role for Ran GTPase in epithelial ovarian cancer cell survival. Mol. Cancer 13;9:272. [PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti X1 Puro DEST (694-6, Addgene #17297).

Bazarov AV, van Sluis M, Hines C, Bassett E, Béliveau A, Campeau E, Mukhopadhyay R, Lee WJ, Melodyev S, Zaslavsky Y, Lee L, Rodier F, Chicas A, Lowe SW, Benhattar J, Ren B, Campisi J, Yaswen P. (2010). P16 mediated suppression of telomerase in normal and malignant human breast cells. Aging Cell 9(5):736-46.[PubMed]
Vector used: pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1, Addgene #17293).

Béliveau A, Mott JD, Lo A, Chen EI, Koller AA, Yaswen P, Muschler J, Bissell MJ. (2010). Raf-induced MMP9 disrupts tissue architecture of human breast cells in three-dimensional culture and is necessary for tumor growth in vivo. Genes Dev.24(24):2800-11. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pLenti X1 Puro DEST (694-6, Addgene #17297), pENTR/pTER+ (430-1, Addgene #17453), pLenti CMV/TO Puro empty (w175-1, Addgene #17482).

Chernikova SB, Dorth JA, Razorenova OV, Game JC, Brown JM. (2010) Deficiency in Bre1 Impairs Homologous Recombination Repair and Cell Cycle Checkpoint Response to Radiation Damage in Mammalian Cells. Radiat Res. 174(5):558-65. [PubMed]

Cohet N, Stewart KM, Mudhasani R, Asirvatham AJ, Mallappa C, Imbalzano KM, Weaver VM, Imbalzano AN, Nickerson JA. (2010) SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzyme ATPases promote cell proliferation in normal mammary epithelial cells. J. Cell Physiol. 223(3):667-78. [PubMed]
Vectors used: pENTR1A no ccDB (w48-1, Addgene #17398), pLenti X2 Puro DEST (w16-1, Addgene #17296).

Fonseca SG, Ishigaki S, Oslowski CM, Lu S, Lipson KL, Ghosh R, Hayashi E, Ishihara H, Oka Y, Permutt MA, Urano F. (2010) Wolfram syndrome 1 gene negatively regulates ER stress signaling in rodent and human cells. J Clin Invest. 120(3):744–755. [PubMed]

Ghosh R, Lipson KL, Sargent KE, Mercurio AM, Hunt JS, et al. (2010) Transcriptional Regulation of VEGF-A by the Unfolded Protein Response Pathway. PLoS ONE 5:e9575. [PubMed]

Tanner K, Boudreau A, Bissell MJ, Kumar S. (2010) Dissecting the regional variations in stress fiber mechanics in living cells with laser nanosurgery. Biophys J. 99(9):2775-83. [PubMed]


Bhaumik D, Scott GK, Schokrpur S, Patil CK, Orjalo AV, Rodier F, Lithgow GJ, Campisi J. (2009) MicroRNAs miR-146a/b negatively modulate the senescence-associated inflammatory mediators IL-6 and IL-8. Aging 1(4):402-411. [PubMed]

Campeau E, Ruhl VE, Rodier F, Smith CL, Rahmberg BL, Fuss JO, Campisi J, Yaswen P, Cooper PK, Kaufman PD. (2009) A versatile viral system for expression and depletion of proteins in mammalian cells. PLoS ONE 4:e6529. [PubMed]
Vectors used: almost all vectors.

Ishigaki S, Fonseca SG, Oslowski CM, Jurczyk A, Shearstone JR, Zhu LJ, Permutt MA, Greiner DL, Bortell R, Urano F. (2009) AATF mediates an antiapoptotic effect of the unfolded protein response through transcriptional regulation of AKT1. Cell Death Differ 17:774-86. [PubMed]

Kovi RC, Paliwal S, Pande S, Grossman SR (2009) An ARF/CtBP2 complex regulates BH3-only gene expression and p53-independent apoptosis. Cell Death Differ 17:513-21. [PubMed]

Orjalo AV, Bhaumik D, Gengler BK, Scott GK, Campisi J. (2009) Cell surface-bound IL-1α is an upstream regulator of the senescence-associated IL-6/IL-8 cytokine network. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 106(40):17031-6. [PubMed]

Rodier F, Coppé JP, Patil CK, Hoeijmakers WA, Muñoz DP, Raza SR, Freund A, Campeau E, Davalos AR, Campisi J. (2009) Persistent DNA damage signalling triggers senescence-associated inflammatory cytokine secretion. Nat Cell Biol 11:973-979. [PubMed]


Burns DM, Richter JD. (2008) CPEB regulation of human cellular senescence, energy metabolism, and p53 mRNA translation. Genes Dev 22:3449-3460. [PubMed]

Lipson KL, Ghosh R, Urano F. (2008) The role of IRE1alpha in the degradation of insulin mRNA in pancreatic beta-cells. PLoS ONE 3:e1648. [PubMed]


Xiao C, Sharp JA, Kawahara M, Davalos AR, Difilippantonio MJ, et al. (2007) The XIST noncoding RNA functions independently of BRCA1 in X inactivation. Cell 128:977-989. [PubMed]