pENTR4-SB1 (w789-3)

High resolution pdf:pENTR4-SB1 (w789-3).pdf

Sequence file: pENTR4-SB1 (789-3).seq

Sequence verification files: w789-3ENTRforw.ab1, w789-3ENTRrev.ab1

Addgene #: not released yet.

Recommended E.coli strain for propagation: TOP10F'

Selection: Kanamycin.

Compatible Destination vectors: pLenti CMV, CMV/TO, CMVtight, PGK, QCX CMV/TO series.

NOTE: The SB1 epitope was characterized in Schaeffer et al. 2010 (NAR Apr;38(6):e91) as part of the SnAvi tag. The SB1 hybridoma cell line can be ordered from the Developmental Studies Hybridoma bank (link here). The tag works well for immunofluorescence with minimal background in HeLa cells where as it remains to be tested for other applications.